"C" is for Cookies

Yesterday I went to my local Wild Oats store to pick up some of our usual fare, but I decided to grab two or three new things to try. I’ll be sharing reviews of these products as my kids, husband, and I try them. One of those items has already been tried–and promptly devoured–by my daughter, so I guess we know which item to review first.

Nana’s Chocolate Munch Cookie Bars have become kiddie crack in this house. They are gfcf, but they also have no refined sugars, no hydrogenated oils, no cholesterol, no eggs, no soy, no corn, and no cane or beet products. I know, I know; I wondered what was in them too. They are awesome! They are sort of a cookie/brownie; they’re dense and chewy. My son found it a little dry, which is true–it tended to crumble a little bit more than I expected it to. My daughter loved them–in fact, she ate four of the five bars that came in the package (My son and I shared the other one). My daughter happily ate them, all the while dipping bits of cookie in her glass of soy milk.

Sadly, my hubby did not get to sample these; he’ll just have to wait till I get another box. Poor guy, all he got to do was ogle at the empty box and wonder what sinful goodness used to reside inside.

Tomorrow we are having a birthday party for my daughter, my husband, and me–all our birthdays are in the first week of November. I’m making a gfcf chocolate cake for the occasion. I’ll share the details after the party.


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