Clearly Marked for Your Convenience

My friend Azure called to tell me about a neat website called Jeeto ( They make all sorts of cute tees and patches and things for kids. What attracted me to this site is that they have a collection called the “allergy collection,” which features t-shirts, patches, and stickers that will alert people of a food allergy. They’ve got gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut allergic even. For parents of kids, especially kids that cannot communicate to others what their allergies are, this could certainly be very beneficial. I can’t even count how many times the day care gave Zoe cookies and milk, even though I provided them a list of acceptable and unacceptable food items.

I decided to send them an e-mail today to see if they would consider making a product that lists gluten-free/casein free (hey, kill two birds with one stone). Besides, since putting “dairy free” doesn’t mean the same as casein free many times, I figured there’d be no harm in asking the folks at Jeeto. I’m curious to hear what Jeeto thinks about my proposal. Hopefully I’ll hear from them soon–and I’ll be sure to update on this site to let everyone know what they had to say.


3 thoughts on “Clearly Marked for Your Convenience

  1. Lynn Barry

    Great stuff….thanks…BTW Karina, the Gluten free goddess makes tees too. You might want to check hers out for you and hubby. I agree though that so many don’t understand the casein thing. They have no clue it is in EVERYTHING, it seems.

  2. Jeff Kelly


    Well I found you. 🙂

    Thanks for the great compliments! Very cool of you. See when we first started doing the Allergy Collection It was based on my own sons allergies. So we had combined the dairy and egg to so “Dairy & Egg Free!”. Well we quickly felt selfish :). So we seperated them out and it has been well received. Though tree nuts and gluten werent in our little circle we threw those in by popular demand. Hey, maybe casein could show up one day. We get all sorts of requests and we have gotten that one. Latex is pretty obscure and we have been educated on that by many. I think over time we will be blowing out the Allergy Collection there will be a ton more. Keep checking in every so often and feel free to email me. Also if anyone you know wants a discount on our stuff enter the discount code “allergy” at checkout for a 10% off deal.

    Oh, I forgot… i am the artist and cohead of the whole deal. Through my original art for my kids room the whole Jeeto! thing sort of developed.

    Glad you like it all and again I appreciate the kind words.



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