Mac and Cheese Help

Macaroni and cheese was one of the things that Zoe loved during her pre-GFCF days. And as much as I’d like to think that I’ve come up with substitutes for all her favorite things, this is one area where I’ve come up woefully short. I’ve tried to recreate mac and cheese three or four different times, and they’ve all been major “flopolas” (thanks to Lynn for that word–it very adquately describes my mac and cheese results). I’ve even tried a few boxes of mock mac and cheese; in a word, they stunk.

I’ve found some new motivation for trying to recreate this again. Alicat over at Something So Clever posted a fantastic recipe for a mac and cheese (not gfcf), which I made for lunch for Flamenco Dad, Ayden and me. Zoe was at school; I didn’t want to make it while she was here and have to tell her she couldn’t eat it. Anyway, Ali’s dish was great–Dad says it’s the best mac and cheese he’s ever had–but it left me wanting to try this GFCF mac and cheese thing again. So I’m going to do some more research on this and see what I come up with this time. I’m also calling on all my gfcf buddies out there for advice. If you’ve made it work, please let me know; I want to give it another shot.

By the way, here’s the link to Ali’s site


10 thoughts on “Mac and Cheese Help

  1. Flamenco Mom

    ~m, thank you for the information. I looked at the recipe and it looks great. I will try it this week. Thanks again.

  2. Alicat

    glad (most) of your family liked it!! I wish you the best of luck for a tasty GFCF recipe for your little girl. I wish I knew more and could help you out! 🙂

  3. Lynn Barry

    I made mac and cheese with Tinkayada noodles and cashew cheese and it is not bad, but it is certainly not KRAFT. I feel for Zoe…the GF/CF does a double whammy on that comfort food.

  4. Mike Eberhart

    I’ve had some good GF mac-n-cheese, but none that is CF, since I tend to consume milk products all the time. Wish I cold help. Lynn definitely has experience with this, and I hope you find the perfect combo to satisfy your taste for great mac-n-cheese.

  5. Lynn Barry

    Tomorrow I am going to try the mac and cheese with the cashew cheese and see if I can get it any closer to what we all want. I will get back to you.

  6. Flamenco Mom

    Thanks for the tips and encouragement everyone. Tomorrow I’m off to Wild Oats to buy my ingredients and give this another go. Wish me luck. I’ll post a photo with results.

  7. LMac

    We just cut all milk out of our two year old’s diet and the thing she misses the most is mac and cheese. I will be so grateful if you find something that really works and share it here.


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