Please Pass the Tums

This weekend we visited the phenomenon which is the State Fair. Ever been to one? The carnival rides, the games, the cotton candy, the fried EVERYTHING? Sweet Jesus, it had been years since I’d been to a state fair, and I forgot how much artery-clogging naughtiness there is to be found there.

We actually went to the fair for a show: Zoe’s performing arts school was doing a show at the fair. Yep, that’s right: my baby performed on a real stage in front of lots of people. Her group was really adorable. They performed a number to “The Hard Knock Life” from Annie, complete with buckets, mops, brooms, and cute little orphan attire. We were a very proud flamenco family. Zoe is a natural-born performer!

After the performance and after helping the studio people wrap stuff up there, we were starving. Fair food is a tricky thing, but I managed to find a few things that Zoe was able to eat: shish-ka-bob and kettle corn. As for me, I went for the holy trifecta of fair food. I had my first corndog in about 10 years, a funnel cake (I truly cannot recall when I last had one), and a GIANT lemonade. My mother-in-law then bought a bag of fried pork rinds, the remnants of which are sitting in a sack on my kitchen counter.

Now all that wickedness did wreak havoc on my non-gluten-sensitive self, in case you were wondering. I remembered why I went 10 years without a corndog–the indigestion is brutal! But we successfully navigated a trip to the fair without Zoe getting sick on gluten or casein, which we are all quite happy about. And I got to see my kid kick butt on stage. Sweet!!

1 thought on “Please Pass the Tums

  1. Lynn Barry

    How sweet! Well, not the feeling sick part but the seeing Zoe perform part. That’s awesome! Give her a hug from me.
    I thought at first I would be totally depressed going to those kinds of places after I decided to eliminate so many things from my eating, but so far it has not bothered me. I ate enough fried dough and sundaes-to-go and taffy and on and on to feed an entire village. Perhaps you aren’t that used to gluten anymore and that is what upset you. Who knows? The tummy is a wonderful and terrible part of life. HUGS


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