Technology is a Fickle Friend, Part Deux

You may recall that back in the fall I was having issues with getting my photos to upload onto Blogger. Once I updated to beta those issues were worked out. Now we are having other tech problems here at the hacienda, this time due to a power surge. Our computers (mine and the hubby’s), which are currently networked to one another, are not speaking to each other. Flamenco Dad’s computer does not have internet capability either–due to said surge–which sucks because his computer is the one where our photos are stored. That means that until we get that network thingy going again I can’t post pics on this site. Bugger! Unless I can sweet talk my husband into getting me a thumb drive. Hmm, maybe I’m onto something…

Now that I’ve got a headache from all that computer talk, I can talk about my husband’s cool gig this week. He was asked to play with the Florida Orchestra this week for two performances of music from the score of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This is great for two reasons: one, we LOVED those movies; and two, having an opportunity to play with the orchestra is a great experience. He’s gotten to work with some great conductors when playing with this orchestra, and this time was no exception. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see these performances due to a lack of a babysitter–people would tend to frown on the idea of me leaving my kids home with a block of soy cheese, rice crackers, and some Welch’s grape juice. So I stayed home and watched Survivor and American Idol (thank you DVR) after I put the kids to bed. I baked a loaf of gfcf bread for Miss Z and thought about Frodo, Gandolf and company–guess which movies I’ll be watching this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Technology is a Fickle Friend, Part Deux

  1. Lynn Barry

    Good morning!
    I hope you get the computer-computer misconnections resolved soon, I love your pics.
    Congrats to hubby! He is amazing. Too bad you could not be there. What a cool family you have. HUGS

  2. Flamenco Mom

    Hi Lynn! Yeah, I hope these issues get resolved soon too. I haven’t even been motivated to take pictures over the last couple of days because I know I can’t share them.

    Thanks, hubby is amazing. Wonderful and smart. I think I may have a little crush on him, no?


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