The Waffler

So what’s a girl to do at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night? When the kids are asleep and the man is out having male bonding time with his brothers…why, you make waffles of course! I realized that I wouldn’t be in a waffle-making kind of mood at 6 in the morning tomorrow; so (eager beaver that I am) I decided to get a jump on my morning routine. I bagged the finished treats in individual Ziplock bags and tossed them into the freezer. I’m loving these and so is the rest of the Flamenco familia.

2 thoughts on “The Waffler

  1. Annie

    I do this with pancakes and waffles that I make for Ellen. We have a Mickey Mouse Waffle maker – always a special treat 🙂 and they bring a smile to my guests faces when I cook breakfast for them – I’m such a classy entertainer lol!


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