A Steaming Hot Bowl of Scrumptious

Yesterday Flamenco Dad and I had the pleasure of meeting a visiting guitarist from Montreal who is performing at the college tonight. We took him out to dinner at a Thai restaurant near the hotel where he was staying. The restaurant was new to us–since we don’t live in that part of the city–and it was rather small. But when we walked in we were immediately struck by the fragrant, intoxicating aromas of Thai cooking. While the men decided to have some yummy curries, I decided to keep it light and I had some Thai Coconut Soup with chicken.

Oh. My. God. It was one of the best bowls of soup that I’ve ever had the privilege to eat. The coconut milk and lemongrass gave it a lovely sweetness, while the chilis brought out just the right amount of heat. I never knew that what looked like a rather simple bowl of soup could have such a complexity to it. I have decided to make it my mission to replicate the dish so that I can have it whenever I like.

The cooking will have to wait until after the weekend. I’m off to visit my mom in her new house. The kids, my husband, and I cannot wait! The horses have been moved from the trainer’s farm to my mom’s property, and mom and her hubby have added two goats to their growing menagerie of animals. See ya!


1 thought on “A Steaming Hot Bowl of Scrumptious

  1. Lynn Barry

    I love all things coconut but I have not gotten into the lemon grass love as of yet, but maybe the combo of lemon grass and coconut will thrill me too…open minds…gotta be open minded. Say hi to your mom…hehehehe HUGS


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