Muy Caliente

After spending the weekend in South Florida, I found myself in the mood for some spicy Cuban black bean soup. I didn’t get the chance to enjoy black beans and rice on our trip. In spite of the fact that I nearly broke a finger on this trip (details and a gross picture later) I decided to get cooking today.

I used a recipe from a delicious cookbook called The Daily Soup Cookbook, which has a wide variety of recipes from this New York soup shop. This soup is spicy! Did I forget to mention that the recipe calls for a diced habanero pepper? Yowza! It was delicious–I love me some spicy food. And in the great tradition of serving food with our food at this house, I had the soup with a tostada on the side and some chopped onions. Mmm…


4 thoughts on “Muy Caliente

  1. Lynn Barry

    Black bean and rice soup is my all time fave soup. There is s truck stop in our area and they used to make great black bean and rice soup, but alas they changed hands and now it is not very good. Thanks for the suggestion, I will get making some for me me me…HUGS


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