Givin’ Me the Finger

My instinct was to call this post “Mama went to Naples and All I Got Was This Gnarly Finger,” but that’s a mouthful. Besides, messages like that are best saved for souvenir t-shirts. Flamenco Dad warned me against posting a photo of my finger on my blog for two reasons. One, my finger looks icky. Two, this is supposed to be a food blog, and looking at this thing wouldn’t make anyone want to eat anything. I then had a flashback to one of my dormmates in college who, while she was learning to rollerblade, would sit there are proudly show us each and every one of the scabs she got from her various rollerblading injuries. Even while we were eating in the dining hall. Seriously.

Long story short, I was helping my mom with one of the sliding doors which apparently could not close properly. We figured something was blocking either the track or the lock. While I was examining the lock to see if there was anything obstructing it, my mom used all her might to slam the door shut–not realizing that my index finger was in the way. So you see, my finger then became said obstruction. I screamed something that I have never in all my 34 years said in front of my mother in front of her, my kids, and my GRANDMA! Oh the horror! Thankfully, miraculously, my finger is not broken(though it does still hurt). My fingernail is purple/black in color, and it would appear that my fingernail is not long for this world. On the bright side, next time I paint my nails it looks like I’ll only have to paint nine instead of ten.

6 thoughts on “Givin’ Me the Finger

  1. Lynn Barry

    OUCH OUCH OUCH! Does it hurt your mom emotionally as much as it hurts you physically? I ache just reading about it.You poor thing. And yet you write a killer blog with only nine fingers. YOU GOT IT GOIN’ ON…HUGS

  2. Flamenco Mom

    I think my poor mom was on the verge of tears the entire time. After I uttered the dreaded explitive, I tried hard to not let my mom see how much the darn finger hurt–so I put my hand in ice and told mom not to worry. I talk to mom almost every day, and she’s still asking about my finger. HUGS

  3. Annie

    There is nothing worse than finger trauma! All those nerve endings – my fingers were tingling just reading that! OUCH! Hope it gets better soon. Childbirth is a breeze by comparison huh? 😉

  4. Flamenco Mom

    Thanks ladies for your concern. My finger doesn’t hurt anymore, though there is some soreness right under the nail bed. It looks pretty bad still–so much for my career as a hand model, LOL! And I haven’t lost the nail yet, so I’ll be painting ten nails this week. HUGS


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