Sushi Anyone?

Yesterday Zoe and I took a trip to our favorite Asian market in search of ingredients to make our own sushi. Zoe digs sushi, particularly California roll (I know it’s not technically sushi since it’s not raw, but Zoe likes it–so who am I to tell her otherwise?). And I received a set of sushi making and serving materials for Christmas, so it was time to get cracking.

I already had some of the ingredients at home (sesame seeds, ginger, sesame oil, rice vinegar, wasabi, tamari–I am the Queen of Condiments, after all), so all we needed from the market was some sushi rice, crabmeat, and the nori for rolling. I used the recipe that appears in Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook, replacing the soy sauce for a wheat-free tamari. It was easier to prepare than I thought. Initially the prospect of making sushi seemed daunting; but now that I know how to do it, we’ll be making this more often. Everyone loved it, especially Zoe–who was a big help in preparing the rolls.


3 thoughts on “Sushi Anyone?

  1. Lynn Barry

    Can’t get my mind around raw raw raw but you make it sound good good good…quite the mother/daughter team. AWESOME! HUGS

  2. Life As I Know It

    I love sushi and tried to make it a few times, but could never get the nori moist enough to roll up right…
    Just found your blog today and thought I’d leave a comment!

  3. Annie

    I’m with Lynn – it’s the raw thing (or the fish thing lol!)

    But it looks great! Glad Zoe had fun doing it. Miss E loves to ‘help’ me with cooking too, very messy and takes forever lol!


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