Product Review: Sorella Bakery Biscottines

Every now and then a gluten free treat comes along that miraculously appeals to everybody in Casa de Flamenco. I think this week we hit paydirt. I visited Nature’s Harvest, one of my favorite shops for gfcf food, and I stumbled upon these cookies. They’re Sorella Bakery Gluten Free Biscottines (Vanilla). The company makes several varieties of these cookies, though I must be honest–I did not check the ingredients of the other flavors to confirm if the other varieties (like the chocolate ones) are casein-free as well.

I will say this; these are among the best gluten free cookies I’ve eaten. Ever. They have a light, airy texture. They’re just crumbly enough to make them comparable to traditional biscotti. Oh, and they’re fantastic with a cuppa joe. Zoe reluctantly agreed to share them with us; I’m so happy she did. Like most other premade gluten free treats, they are pricier than their traditional counterparts. But they are so worth it for a special treat every now and then. I’ll be picking up more of these soon. Delizioso!

Visit, or check them out at your local natural foods store.


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