Who Wants a Beer Here?

I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I had to give this a try. Anheuser-Busch had gluten free folks doing cartwheels when Redbridge hit the market. It is the first sorghum beer, and I was curious about the flavor; I thought that wheat and barley were what made beer taste like beer. On Father’s Day, Flamenco Dad and I took a drive to Total Wine & Liquor Warehouse. FD picked up some new Belgian beers he wanted to try, I got some Spanish wines and my bottle of Redbridge (oh, and some rum too. Hee-hee).

I gotta say…this beer actually TASTED. LIKE. BEER. Shocking, I know. Again, I’m no expert in beers, so I’ll leave the specifics like flavor profiles and such to the pros. But to me, the Redbridge had a flavor and aroma reminiscent of American beers like Budweiser or Miller. I have tasted some of the brews that Flamenco Dad bought, and while I’m not ready to buy case upon case of Redbridge (I did like the Belgian beers more), this gluten-free beer is a great alternative. We’ve got a buddy who is allergic to wheat and barley (and he used to love beer), so I’m going to recommend that he try Redbridge. Who knows, maybe his beer drinking days aren’t quite over yet.


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