Under Pressure, Redux

Some of you may recall my fondness for cooking in a pressure cooker (see “Under Pressure”). I’ve had it for close to six months now, and I find I like it more the more often I use it. Mind you I’m still afraid the thing’s going to explode someday–and leave remnants of food on my ceiling–but hey, I like the danger element of it. I’m such a rebel, LOL.

Last week we had some oven-cooked pork chops that were about as tough as my husband’s cowboy boots. Cooked to within an inch of their lives, and not seasoned well enough; it was such a pity that good pork chops were wasted. But this week I decided to try cooking the chops in my pressure cooker and the results were terrific. I seasoned the pork chops with salt and pepper, and in two batches, I browned them in the pressure cooker (which had been preheated with some olive oil added to the pot). After cooking the last three chops I removed them to a plate and added julienned onions, minced garlic, two red potatoes cut in sections, and some leftover fresh herbs. I put the chops back in the pot, added some diced tomatoes and their juice and some white wine. I clamped the lid on the pot, and thirty minutes later it was ready. The pork was wonderfully tender, the meat falling off the bone. It was a meal savored by all in the house.


One thought on “Under Pressure, Redux

  1. Annie

    There is nothing worse than leathery pork chops. I never cook them dry any more – always in the oven with liquid in a casserole dish, or all day in the slow cooker.

    I used to be terrified of my Mum’s pressure cooker – all that hissing can’t be good!

    Glad you’re liking yours – not sure I’m brave enough to try it though!


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