Karina’s Cookies

We are in heaven here at Casa de Flamenco, thanks to a recipe I found on Karina’s blog. Karina is also know as the Gluten Free Goddess(http://www.glutenfreegoddess.com/) . She is an artist and creator of fantastic, gluten-free vegan recipes. Karina recently discovered that she had even more food allergies than she was aware of, so unfortunately this treat is now off limits to her (oh, the horror!). I’m going to have to try to concoct a recipe suitable for her dietary needs as a thank you for her recipes.

This recipe I found on her site is for Almost Nantucket Cookie Bars. I’m not going to post the recipe here, but here is the link: http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2006/11/pepperidge-farm-remember.html. Please forgive me, I haven’t mastered the art of linking without having to put the entire url up. I’ve still got a ways to go there.

But anyway, this cookie is absolutely divine. And it really is incredibly close to those Pepperidge Farm goodies that haven’t graced my home in many years. Zoe loved them (even if they do have coconut in them). And as Karina mentions in her blog, they are truly dunk worthy. I didn’t even have time to photograph them; I was too busy woofing them down with my husband and kids. So thank you, thank you Karina–the entire Flamenco Family sends many besos!!!


4 thoughts on “Karina’s Cookies

  1. Annie

    I have a friend, who’s been diagnosed with a range of food sensitivities – I referred her to your blog for some tips and recipes – I’m sure she’ll find this useful, too!

    On the link thing – in Blogger, when you’re composing your post there is a symbol up at the top of the posting window with a wee earth symbol and a link chain type thing. If you type the words you want to appear as a link, in this case perhaps ‘Karina’s Cookies’, highlight those words then click on the link icon – it will bring up a pop up box into which you copy the url of the page the cookie recipe is on.

    Hope that makes sense πŸ™‚

    I only figured it out by trial and error myself.

  2. GFCF Mommy

    I just discovered your site and I think we are sisters separated at birth (you can check out my blog too, listed below, to see why!) I’ll be reading you often now!

    Anyway, we love this recipe too. I made a muffin version that turned out pretty well. Same recipe, I just added a mashed banana and took out the coconut. What would we do without Karina?

    Note to annie: I also have the same link problem, so thanks from me too!



  3. Karina Allrich

    I’m so glad you liked the recipe! Thank you for the shout-out. I’m working on an egg replacer I can live with…then I’ll tackle chocolate chip cookies [sans coconut now ;(].
    The horror! Thanks for the giggle. πŸ˜‰



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