Eight Random Things Meme

Y’all, I’ve been tagged! Another GFCF mom, GFCF Mommy, has tagged me to post an “8 Random Things About Me” meme. And it’s just what I need to help me get the blog juices going.

The rules for this meme game are:
1. Let others know who tagged you.
2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

So here are my eight random facts:
1. I am an absolute crazy-obsessed Wizard of Oz freak. I don’t eat at McDonald’s, but my niece who works there has brought me all the little Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz toys that came in the Happy Meals. She is now my favorite niece of all time. My husband says I have a disease–and yet (enabler that he is), he bought the the 100th anniversary annotated version of the book. Hello?

2. Even though I’m rather short (barely 5’4) I have BIG, wide canoe feet. When I was a kid, my dad teased me and said I had Fred Flinstone feet, LOL! My dad and I never saw eye to eye on things, but he was totally right about the feet.

3. Speaking of those feet, you’d think that since they’re big I’d have more support beneath me to keep me steady. And you would be wrong, because I can be one clumsy girl. It’s a wonder that I can stay on my feet in dance class, I can barely navigate my living room!

4. I have got not-so-secret crushes on Alton Brown, Tyler Florence, and several of the other Food Network dudes. I loves me a guy that knows his way around a kitchen. Except for Bobby Flay–that guy’s a real “Richard Cranium”(hope you don’t mind me borrowing that, Attila).

5. I have what I believe to be an extremely cool tattoo on my shoulder. It took me two years to muster up the nerve to let my grandma see it–but she thinks it’s pretty snazzy too. I never told her that I had my belly button pierced as well; it might have been too much for her to handle. Besides, I had that removed a little over ten years ago, at my doctor’s insistence–I was seven months pregnant at the time and my belly button looked like it was about to pop and tear at the site of the piercing.

6. When I was a teenager, I had the chance to go on a tour of Europe with my school–and my parents said no. Merde! I missed out on two weeks traveling through London, Paris, Barcelona, and Rome. Trust me, I’m still mad about it. Mom, I hope you’re reading this.

7. I am a beauty product junkie. Particularly when it comes to hair products. It must stem from the fact that I grew up in a beauty parlor. I love all manner of yummy smelling hair stuff. Some people say that the smell of cookies baking in the oven reminds them of their childhood. For me it’s the smell of peroxide and hairspray.

8. I never learned to ride a bike. I grew up in the ghetto, and my parents refused to let me play outside to learn. And good luck learning to ride in an apartment. My husband bought me a bike (and a super-cute matching helmet) several years ago and I’m afraid to ride it. WTH?

Okay, so I know I’m supposed to tag 8 other people, but most of the other bloggers I know have already done this. If you haven’t, then consider yourself tagged!


3 thoughts on “Eight Random Things Meme

  1. Lynn Barry

    I say get on the bike and fly like the wind. I love biking so much…in my case I lived in the city and could not pass a road test so I rode my bike all the time. I love bikes and know you will love it too.
    I can’t remember if I did the 8 random things in a past blog so I will take the tag and go with it. I loved reading your random stuff and think you are THE BOMB! I don’t like Bobby Flay either…he is arrogant acting in my opinion and someone I would not like to sit and have a chat with…he wold never make eye contact. Now, Emeril…he’s a cutie. HUGS


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