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Could It Be?

Is tomorrow really the last day of the month? Did I do it? Did I actually manage to make it through the month, posting every day (even in spite of technical issues)? Well, tomorrow is the 30th, which means two things:

1. My finals begin next week. Good Lord, it’s time for the freak-out to begin.
2. NaBloPoMo is coming to a close. Woo Hoo!

I kind of feel like Morgan Spurlock from the movie “Supersize Me” and the t.v. show “30 Days.” I’m really proud of myself for being able to stick with blogging daily for that long. I know a month doesn’t seem like a long time; but sometimes I feel I’m borderline flaky, so this is a real accomplishment. I’m going to commit to something else for the next month–though I will try to continue keeping a more regular blogging schedule (just maybe not every single day). I’ll deliberate on it for another day, and then December 1st will be the kickoff.


Got Me Again

I’ve been tagged by j. over at Austin’s GFCF Diet Journal. I had to take a minute and look at the last 8 Random Things meme I completed back in September before I tackled this latest challenge. I’d be really embarrassed if I repeated the same things I listed the last time; though I must say, I’m not sure I’m that interesting that I can come up with eight more interesting things about myself. Please forgive if this list is not as good as the first.

1. While my husband is the musician in the house, I had quite the music education myself. I took several years of band, where I became a mediocre trombone (yes, you read that correctly), clarinet, and alto saxophone player. I am unable to play any of these instruments today, though I can still read music.

2. I smoked throughout my last two years of high school, during my first go-around at college, and for a couple of years after that. I smoked for about six years in total, and fortunately for me I quit the year before I met Flamenco Dad. He’s not a fan of cigarette smoke.

3. I learned to drive at twenty-two (kind of late by some folks’ standards). But before I got the hang of driving, I crashed an old boyfriend’s car–oops. Hey, that stop sign and that tree jumped out in front of me; how could I not hit them?

4. I know lots of people think he’s kind of grungy, but I think Johnny Depp is very sexy. Does that make me weird? Call me, Johnny!

5. I’m scared to death of mice (rats too). I’d elaborate, but I’m starting to hyperventilate.

6. As I mentioned in my previous meme, I never learned to ride a bike. But I can roller skate like nobody’s business. And I’m talking the old school skates, not the rollerblades. Holla!

7. I did not enjoy any of the following movies: Crash, The English Patient, or The Thin Red Line. I know they’re supposed to be these great, important movies; but I just don’t see the appeal. In fact, the latter was so bad in my opinion I’m still wondering how I can get those three hours of my life back.

8. It’s no secret that I love spicy foods. I put some variety of hot sauce (tobasco, sriracha, jalapenos) on just about everything I eat. I’m still trying to figure out how to successfully add heat to my desserts, but it’s coming soon–I just know it!

Leftover Pumpkin?

If you’re like me and are wondering what to do with leftover pumpkin puree (how many pumpkin pies can one person bake anyway?), these gfcf pumpkin chocolate cookies are a nice alternative. I got the recipe for these tasty treats here. Pumpkins are a great source of Vitamin A, so why not sneak them into your kids’ favorite treats for a boost? My kids loved them…and so did Dad and I.

BTW, I got tagged for a meme, and I’ll be sure to do that tomorrow. I’m still reeling from the results of Dancing with the Stars.

Images from the Buddhist Temple

This is a photo of the Buddhist Temple we visited yesterday, the Wat Mongkolratanaram of Florida. People from all over the Bay Area come here to enjoy the temple, the meditation garden, the gorgeous view of the river, and the food.

This statue greeted us as we approached the produce market on the temple grounds. We bought lots of wonderful, fragrant ingredients (which I’m already putting to good use).

Here’s what I ate for lunch. I know the photo’s not pretty, but I was pretty deeply engrossed in my lunch by the time it occurred to me that I should take a photo. It’s a VERY spicy chicken with basil over jasmine rice. In the corner there is a fried sweet potato, which had been dipped in a (gfcf) batter that included sesame seeds. Had I known about that method of cooking sweet potatoes, I would have served THAT at Thanksgiving.

Here are some of the folks responsible for the wonderful food we sampled at the temple. Some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had was made by these kind people.

A Taste of Thailand

I was hoping to upload some photos of our excursion today, but due to some funky stuff going on here I’ll have to do that in the morning. Today we visited the local Buddhist temple, which has a wonderful Sunday market; there, some Thai folks who live in the area sell produce–lots of yummy traditional Thai ingredients to be found there–and make a wide variety of Thai dishes for the locals to try. The temple is located right off the river and has a lovely picnic area, so we had a fabulous Thai picnic lunch. All the proceeds from the sale of the food, produce, and other wares goes to the temple. We had a great time. One of the best parts was that just about everything there was gfcf–hooray!

When we got back, I baked some cookies: gfcf pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to be precise. More on that tomorrow. Hopefully those pictures came out fine.

Alert the Media!

I am going to an adult party (as in a grown-ups only party)–sans children! No Thomas and his friends, no Barbies, no Dora or Diego…I think the apocalypse may be upon us!

We’re going to a wine-tasting/start of the holiday season shindig at the home of a friend of ours named Paul; Paul is a sound engineer who has helped Flamenco Dad on several projects. Paul’s also a great photographer, who recently took FD’s new headshots. So we’re bringing some wine and the guitar (and yours truly will do a bit of dancing tonight). So tonight the kiddies will be left in the loving care of my dear,sainted mother-in-law (can you tell I’m grateful to her for babysitting) while my husband and I get our party on. Tootles!

So Tired

I was actually just asleep on the couch when my hubbly woke me to tell me to get to bed. It was at that moment that I realized that I had not yet posted today. So here I am, half asleep and typing away. Gosh, it’s like I have a sickness or something. Must post every day. Must try to win a fabulous prize. Must get my behind in bed already.