Baking at Home and Fun with Bacteria

Whew, I’m exhausted! It’s been a long week already, yet its only Tuesday. What’s up with that?

Since we’re going away this Thursday I wanted to make sure I had enough road-worthy, GFCF snacks to take with us in case we had limited food choices for Zoe. This morning I baked six mini-loaves of banana bread. This time I added buckwheat to the flour mixture, which gave a great texture and a more complex flavor. I decided to go the buckwheat route since my “regular” banana bread used to contain a mixture of white and wheat flour. I was very pleased with the results; the family loves it, and I’ve got a healthy snack or breakfast item to give Zoe in a pinch.

Tonight at school we worked on a lab involving food preservation and safety. So what do we do? We get to prepare petrie dishes with E. coli–great, two days before my trip and I have to get up close and personal with some nasty buggers. None of my lab partners wanted to touch the test tube with the bacteria sample, so yours truly had to be the one to do it. I think they figured since I’m the oldest person in the group (in the class, to be more specific) that I was somehow more expendable. Good times!


3 thoughts on “Baking at Home and Fun with Bacteria

  1. Elizabeth Coplan

    Thanks for reminding us that sometimes we need to go to great lengths to give our children healthy food choices. And I don’t mean that we’re obsessed. It’s more like self-protection. When my son eats anything with food coloring, I know it’s going to be a bad day, a terrrible, horrible, really bad day.

  2. Sally Parrott Ashbrook

    Ooh, do share the recipe, please.

    Smart mom to be so prepared. I find traveling prepared to eat helps me feel so much less anxious.

  3. Flamenco Mom

    Hello Elizabeth and Sally,

    I can’t tell you how many times I found myself on vacation and frantic, looking for food for Zoe to eat. I promised myself to always be prepared for situations like that–after all, vacation’s about relaxing and having fun.


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