Birthday Week: Part Three

So today we celebrated the last birthday in the trifecta of November birthdays: mine. I’m thirty-five today; and, to quote my mom, I don’t look a day over thirty-four. Flamenco Dad had a looong day at work today, but he still managed to surprise me with some lovely chocolates and a book I’ve been meaning to read. The kiddies drew an adorable birthday picture for me which will go into my file containing all their artwork.

I made a simple dinner–hey, I wasn’t about to get all creative in the kitchen today. So I made a simple roast chicken with herbs and some yuca. Those who are not familiar with it should give it a shot. It goes by many names: cassava, manioc, etc.–but it’s wonderful. It’s a traditional root vegetable served in Latino homes. Sorry, I don’t have a photo of it, but I’ll google it tomorrow and post one.

I’m off to bed. Tomorrow afternoon we hit the road.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Week: Part Three

  1. Annie

    Happy Birthday M!

    I have only ever seen Yuca as a houseplant – I didn’t even know it was edible!

    Have a wonderful journey. I can’t wait to hear about it, hubs and I were talking recently of taking a jaunt up to Georgia. We’ve only ever been as far as Savannah which was great and all, but not kid friendly (at least not the way we did it last time lol!).

  2. Flamenco Mom

    Hi Annie!

    The yuca root is edible. Some supermarkets and Asian markets sell it, and all Latin markets do. It’s a long, brown tuber; it can be served boiled, roasted, or fried. I will occasionally boil it, then serve it with some sliced onions, vinegar and olive oil, and a little salt and pepper. Fried yuca is wonderful–better than fries–and served with a mojo sauce made with garlic, onion, oil and sour orange it is divine! Hugs

  3. Lynn Barry

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are one of my favorite people on the earth…you really have it all together…and you are only 35? I say that BECAUSE you have it all together and most people take a lot longer…LOVE YOU!

  4. Anonymous

    I would love to see some yuca recipes. I just saw them at the market but have no idea how to prepare it. Gracias!


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