Some More Photos

I thought I’d share just a few more photos of the trip. Above is Stone Mountain, and though the photo doesn’t give a great detail of it, the face has a bas-relief sculpture of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson. The sculpture took 55 years to complete.

Here we are on top of Stone Mountain. There’s a skyride that takes passengers from the park up to the top of the mountain.

Here’s Zoe catching a (plastic) fish at one of Fernbank’s interactive centers. The museum has a variety of activities for children of different ages to try. They give the older kids a scavenger hunt activity at their Discovery Center.

Here’s Flamenco Dad and the kids sittin’ on top of the mountain. The kids swore they could see the entire world from up there.

2 thoughts on “Some More Photos

  1. Lynn Barry

    I went to Stone Mt. years and years ago and these pics bring back great memories…looks like your memories are just as great…HUGS…you guys are beautiful!


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