I Should Probably Blog Before I Take My Medicine

I’m getting some of my Thanksgiving prep done early this year. In fact, I’ve already purchased everything I need from the market–well, except that I realized after I got home that I’m out of eggs–and Wednesday I’ll get cracking on the cooking. This year we’re going to my mom’s for Thanksgiving, something we haven’t done in years! Usually Flamenco Dad has to work the day after Turkey Day, which made driving 5 hours to Grandma’s (only to have to turn right around again) a pain. Now that she lives much closer to us it makes the trip easier.

So I’ve got a couple of side dishes in the making, as well as some desserts. I’m doing a sweet potato dish and some gfcf cornbread stuffing. I’m still working out the dessert thing, but I’ve got to make a decision by tomorrow. I was thinking something with pumpkin, but the hubby is requesting chocolate. Maybe I can put the two together into one showstopper of a dessert. I’m running out of time to decide, so I’ve got to get to it!

We’ve all got a cold here…again. We’re tired, cranky, and smell of Vicks Vaporub (so not hot); and my house is like a tropical rain forest because of the humidifiers.

Tonight, after the kids were tucked in, I cozied up on my couch and watched Dancing with the Stars with the hubby. He makes watching the show even more entertaining (if that were even possible). He provides interesting commentary on the musical selections (we agree they are often campy, and occasionally border on ridiculous) and the costume choices. My husband thinks the Spice Girl is sexy, while I think her partner is hot stuff. Wonder what he thinks of Vaporub?

I’ve heard nothing else about the kangaroo/wallaby/chupacabra, or whatever it was wandering the streets a few nights ago. Maybe it was some random hairy guy roaming the area. Oh boy, I think I’m delirious from the Nyquil.


2 thoughts on “I Should Probably Blog Before I Take My Medicine

  1. Annie

    I’m sorry you’re all sick! Sick household here, too – stomach bug (just kids so far).

    We are heading to South Florida (illnesses permitting lol!) to my cousin for Thanksgiving. I’m so proud of myself for having attempted and succeeding in making delicious pumpkin bread – definitely go for a pumpkin dessert – and then tell me how to make it – I’m on a roll đŸ™‚

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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