Countdown to Turkey

I’ve just spent the last 8 hours in my kitchen prepping for the Thanksgiving dinner at Mom’s. Today I prepared a pumkin cake and a chocolate pecan pie; as well as a sweet potato casserole and a homemade cornbread stuffing. We’ve got several items on tomorrow’s menue that are gfcf, so I don’t have to worry about what in heaven’s name Zoe will be able to eat. Thank goodness! In the morning we’re loading up the kids for the trip, and I hope to be feasting on some turkey by around 3. My mom is serving a ham as well as turkey, but let’s face it: that ham is the understudy to the real star of the Thanksgiving meal, which is turkey.

The kids are excited to visit their grandmother, great-grandmother, uncle, and the assorted other relatives and friends that will be there. What my kids don’t know yet is that my mom and her husband have already put up their Christmas tree: a 12-foot behemoth with a gazillion lights and a slew of adorable ornaments. I’ll be sure to take many photos.


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