Got Me Again

I’ve been tagged by j. over at Austin’s GFCF Diet Journal. I had to take a minute and look at the last 8 Random Things meme I completed back in September before I tackled this latest challenge. I’d be really embarrassed if I repeated the same things I listed the last time; though I must say, I’m not sure I’m that interesting that I can come up with eight more interesting things about myself. Please forgive if this list is not as good as the first.

1. While my husband is the musician in the house, I had quite the music education myself. I took several years of band, where I became a mediocre trombone (yes, you read that correctly), clarinet, and alto saxophone player. I am unable to play any of these instruments today, though I can still read music.

2. I smoked throughout my last two years of high school, during my first go-around at college, and for a couple of years after that. I smoked for about six years in total, and fortunately for me I quit the year before I met Flamenco Dad. He’s not a fan of cigarette smoke.

3. I learned to drive at twenty-two (kind of late by some folks’ standards). But before I got the hang of driving, I crashed an old boyfriend’s car–oops. Hey, that stop sign and that tree jumped out in front of me; how could I not hit them?

4. I know lots of people think he’s kind of grungy, but I think Johnny Depp is very sexy. Does that make me weird? Call me, Johnny!

5. I’m scared to death of mice (rats too). I’d elaborate, but I’m starting to hyperventilate.

6. As I mentioned in my previous meme, I never learned to ride a bike. But I can roller skate like nobody’s business. And I’m talking the old school skates, not the rollerblades. Holla!

7. I did not enjoy any of the following movies: Crash, The English Patient, or The Thin Red Line. I know they’re supposed to be these great, important movies; but I just don’t see the appeal. In fact, the latter was so bad in my opinion I’m still wondering how I can get those three hours of my life back.

8. It’s no secret that I love spicy foods. I put some variety of hot sauce (tobasco, sriracha, jalapenos) on just about everything I eat. I’m still trying to figure out how to successfully add heat to my desserts, but it’s coming soon–I just know it!


3 thoughts on “Got Me Again

  1. Sally Parrott Ashbrook

    If you’re terrified of rats/mice, you probably should not watch Enchanted. I had to close my eyes at one part because I feel the same way about roaches. . . .

  2. Lynn Barry

    Good Lord! No wonder we get along so well…Always been petrified of mice, but recently I might have overcome this…(see my site at under “poetry”)and I LOVE Johnny Depp…I finally got my license at 21 after FIVE road tests…and I smoked for about four years, quit the day I learned I was pregnant with my first child…HUGS and LOVE

  3. Annie

    I have seen gourmet chocolate makers on tv put chili in their chocolates.

    Glad you ditched the ciggies – bleuch!

    We have quite a few things in common:

    I’m no rodent fan either – and here – lizards make me just as skittish – hubs knows when he hears me scream from the garage that one has got in lol!

    I don’t like those stinkin’ movies either – but if Johnny Depp were in them they’d be vastly improved lol!

    I tried to play the oboe for a while at school – never got the hang of it – the reed was just too darn tickly haha! I played the harp though, so I guess I had my hands full, literally, with that.

    I failed my first driving test at home – got it second time. Just to keep up the theme – I failed my Florida driving test first time too – for not waiting long enough at a stop sign – I just did it the same way my husband does – I guess he’s lucky he hasn’t had a ticket lol!


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