Is There Such a Thing as Autumn Rolls?

I wasn’t going to let yesterday’s somewhat disappointing experiment get me down. Today I made some fantastic (if I do say so myself) summer rolls. The rolls are filled with cooked shrimp, Thai basil, mint, shredded carrot, rice noodles, lettuce, and bean sprouts. I served them with a sweet chili sauce I picked up at the supermarket. The sauce is not too spicy, but it gives the dish just the right amount of saltiness, sweetness, and heat.

By the way, these are the wrappers used to make the rolls. They come in hard, transclucent sheets that are softened by dipping them in warm water. The rolls are done similar to burritos or wraps, so if you know how to roll a burrito you can make these in a snap.

The most important thing when it comes to making dishes like these is having your mise en place ready; all your prep should be done in advance and set up assembly-line style. I learned this the first time I made spring rolls, when I foolishly thought I could just wing it. Big mistake! Like yesterday, I learned from my earlier missteps and pressed on. And ooh, are these good! The Thai basil and mint lend a wonderful fragrance to this dish. Of course, if it’s naturally gfcf then all the better.


3 thoughts on “Is There Such a Thing as Autumn Rolls?

  1. Lynn Barry

    Glad you had better luck…I have never had good luck with those wraps. You got it goin’ on, girlfriend! HUGS

  2. randomcontemplations

    My daughter and I have figured out how to make these also, they have always been a favorite for us at Thai restaurants, even before gong gfcf.
    We dip ours in a peanut sauce, it’s yummy too.


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