It’s That Time of Year

Getting my kids to sit still long enough for a decent picture feels like an exercise in futility. I try to take a nice picture of them every year for our Christmas cards; sometimes, the results are great. Sometimes not so much. This is the one we’re going with this year. Mind you, this picture isn’t perfectly centered; but I’ll crop it and it should work just fine. Thoughts?


5 thoughts on “It’s That Time of Year

  1. Annie

    Beautiful picture – really gorgeous!

    I haven’t done mine yet – but at age 3 and age 1 you know futile won’t even begin to describe it lol!

  2. J

    You have 2 gorgeous children 🙂 And I think it is a great pic for Christmas cards. We are doing the same this year but I haven’t even tried to get Austin to sit in front of the tree yet!

  3. Lynn Barry

    I love this pic! You have a gift…for writing, snapping, and mommying and well…you have guessed I am a fan…BTW Star is moving back to the area…MERRY X-MAS TO ME! HUGS


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