Getting Into the Spirit

We’ve been celebrating the successful completion of the semester, which means yours truly hasn’t had too much time for cooking or blogging. I got straight A’s, internets! This overachiever is glad school’s over for now; I’ve got a few weeks off before the new term starts on January 7.

I baked a gfcf chocolate cake for the family to enjoy this weekend (thank you Bob’s Red Mill for making my life easier). Though I’m not a huge fan of cake mixes in general–I am more of a do-it-yourself type–sometimes a little help from some gluten-free friends does the trick. The cake was simply decorated with a dusting of sugar. We got our chocolate fix and the kids got to help, which they love to do.

We attended a going away party for a buddy of ours who is moving to Seattle at the end of the month. Our friend Justin has played with Flamenco Dad in the past; and to celebrate the start of a new chapter in his life, everyone was invited over to jam. Zoe, who is nothing if not a ham (gee, I wonder where she got her love of performing?), gleefully offered to sing a tune for all the party guests. And since it’s Christmastime, she picked a favorite.


4 thoughts on “Getting Into the Spirit

  1. Annie

    Congratulations – fantastic job on your As!

    And Zoe – fabulous.

    And Hubs – OMG – do you get him to play guitar for you every night? I would – I can just imagine drifting off to sleep to those beautiful strains!

    A very talented family!


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