How’s It Going?

The new semester is in full swing here at the hacienda, which means yours truly, Flamenco Dad, and los bebes are getting adjusted to our new routines. FD is teaching two new classes this semester, so he is working hard to make sure all his work is prepped and ready. I’m back in class; one of my classes is taught online so I can still be in my jammies whilst I get my edumacation on. Sweet!

My candida diet is going pretty well, though I did cave to temptation and have coffee WITH SUGAR. Also I’ve been putting pomegranates on some of my salads. I hadn’t realized just how sensitive I was to sugar until I ate some after going many days without it. I felt bloated, very tired…and later quite jittery. What’s up with that? I’ve been much more conscientious about steering away from the sugar and am feeling better. Bonus: I’ve lost four pounds since I started making these changes! I’ve also made an effort to get more adequate sleep. I’ve been feeling much more refreshed and alert during the day. Though I must add that FD also just got me one of those yummy Tempur Pedic pillows, so may have something to do with it as well.

I haven’t done much in the way of experimenting in the kitchen lately, which has to do with my dietary changes. Meals have been relatively simple fare here: a lean protein (usually chicken), rice (either brown or white), and tons of veggies. To be honest, that’s pretty much how dinners were around here even before we went yeast free; though looking at how I was eating before, I know that I was going too heavy on the protein and starch and too light on the veggies. Sally over at Aprovechar has written some great posts about this topic, and on making healthy food choices in general. And she is gluten free!

Once I get into the groove of the whole yeast-free thing, I plan to do some more baking. Zoe and I went to the supermarket the other day, where my daughter made a beeline for the zucchini and asked if I could by some to make zucchini bread. It’s in my kitchen right now waiting to be used. I told Miss Z that she’ll be feasting on zucchini loaf by this time tomorrow. I’m going to try using brown rice syrup to sweeten it; I’ll get back to you with a full report.


2 thoughts on “How’s It Going?

  1. Lynn Barry

    Good for you and for all the family…I am very proud of you. Not easy, but worth it.
    Thanks for the wonderful update. HUGS and LOVE

  2. the veggie paparazzo

    Thanks for the props and the link. 🙂 (VP is my old blog. Aprovechar is my current blog.)

    I definitely feel better when my blood sugar is more stable, and avoiding eating much sugar in the morning helps with that.


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