She Did It!

Congratulations to Zoe on her graduation from speech and occupational therapy. When she first started therapy Zoe was unable to speak, made little to no eye contact, and had significant delays in her fine and gross motor skills. Eight years later my girl can talk up a storm, rides her bike, performs with a song and dance group, takes piano lessons, and is more present than she ever has been. Sure there are challenges; Zoe has her difficult days–but they are far outweighed by the good, great, and just plain wonderful ones.

This is her first post-therapy week, and Zoe’s concerned about the fact that something that has been part of her routine for eight years is no longer there. She even asked for new goals, since the ones set by Miss Amy and Miss Lisa (her therapists) have already been met. That’s our girl for you. To commemorate the beginning of a new chapter in her life we threw a party for her this weekend, and what’s a party without cake?

9 thoughts on “She Did It!

  1. Lynn Barry

    This is huge! CONGRATS to Zoe and the entire family for your love and support and commitment to helping ZOE be all she can be.
    BRAVO! It’s a beautiful thing…HUGS

  2. Flamenco Mom

    Lynn, thank you for your kindness. While I must say that it has been a team effort, Zoe is the hardest working kid I have ever known. I really admire her spirit and determination.

    J, thank you. It’s great to hear from you. Zoe started ST at about 2 1/2. We knew something was amiss with her speech–she seemed to have it (albeit limited), then at about 18 months (give or take a month or two) what little speech she had just went away.

    Thanks, VP. We do have some similarities, though to me she looks much more like my husband, particularly around the eyes.

  3. MillionaireMama

    Congrats to Zoe! She is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait for the day my little guy graduates from OT and ST. Good luck on her new goals.

  4. Babiebluz

    A huge milestone, way to go Zoe! I hope that you feel proud!

    I teach children with autism, just curious to know, where these the only two therapies Zoe had as interevention?

  5. Flamenco Mom

    Thanks so much for the visiting, and for your enthusiastic support. We’ve actually tried a number of different therapies with Zoe; some have worked better than others. But we keep plugging along in the hopes of helping Zoe reach her fullest potential.


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