Beta-Carotene with Dessert

I bought a gigantic bag of organic carrots at Publix last week, and have been working my way through that bag via as many culinary applications as I can. I’ve been cutting up some carrots daily and leaving them on my kitchen counter as a great snack food for us and the kiddies, I’ve served them with a delicious white bean and garlic spread, soup, stir-fry…you name it, I’m trying it. Ayden mentioned that he was afraid he’d turn orange after eating all these carrots–apparently there was an episode of The Magic Schoolbus where one of the kids turns an interesting shade of orange after eating too many carrots. Go figure!

I decided to resurrect a carrot cake recipe that I used to make (in the pre-gfcf days), and began tweaking it so that it’s Zoe (and Mom) friendly.
The results? Well, I’m of two minds about this one. The plusses: the cake came out very moist, definitely a good thing. The mixture of flour I used (sorghum, rice, arrowroot, and corn) gave the cake a nice texture, which I appreciate. The minuses: I don’t know if it’s because I’ve cut out almost all the sugar in my diet, but the cake was WAY too sweet for me this time. I’m going to bake it again with half the sugar and see if that makes a difference. Also, the cake is heavier than I remember (again, this may have to do with my dietary changes). As I mentioned, I am going to reformulate the recipe to hopefully address these issues.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of Attempt #1. Pardon the photo: the lighting was just not good at the time I took the picture. Oh, and I almost forgot the frosting…yeah, that was also too sweet for me. I guess I should be excited about the fact that I may have finally turned a corner on my sweet tooth, but a tasty piece of cake with a cup of tea would have really hit the spot today.


One thought on “Beta-Carotene with Dessert

  1. Lynn Barry

    Good for you…I hear ya, now that I don’t do sugar I notice a difference too…it’s all good. HUGS


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