Ice Cream Sandwiches

Today Zoe and I decided that we’d make a treat to usher in the unofficial start of summer. Since I’m not in much of a mood to bake today (more on that in tomorrow’s post), we grabbed some dairy-free ice cream and some gfcf cookies and made some ice cream sandwiches. My daughter was in a bit of a hurry to eat hers, so rather than force her to watch longingly while I photograph her dessert, I just let her eat it. I figured I could snap a few candid shots while she had dessert and get her thoughts on the dessert. She loved it; in fact, she sat in complete silence and proceeded to slowly and deliberately devour the entire thing. I asked her more than once while she was eating what she thought of it; and she just kept right on eating. Once she was done, she told me that she liked it. And she also told me to stop taking pictures while she’s trying to eat. Sorry, Zoe.

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