Dear Institution of Higher Learning,

You are kicking my butt. Being a full-time college student, while managing a household with a hubby and two kids is no walk in the park. My roots are growing in, and I have no time to get them done. I can’t remember the last time I had a mani and a pedi. I’ve had a Netflix movie here in my house for close to a month that I haven’t watched yet. The good news it that my children and hubby are fed, bathed, have freshly-washed laundry, and still get some time with yours truly. By the end of the day I am totally beat…I pretty much collapse onto my bed at night, and don’t even move till my alarm rings at six.

But you wanna know something? Even though I’m tired and my brain hurts, going through this process is so incredibly rewarding that it’s hard to put it into words. I feel challenged, I feel motivated, I feel excited. I look forward to learning more and more. And even though I’ve got about eleventy million pages to read by Thursday, I’m really loving it.

That all may change come finals week.




3 thoughts on “Dear Institution of Higher Learning,

  1. Lynn Barry

    I went back to college fulltime when I was 34 and had three kids at the time ages 8, 9,and 12 and my hubby was away a lot with work…I remember I was stressed to the max but I loved it too! YOU CAN DO EET! HUGS

  2. Marla

    Hi! I just read your comment on 5MFSN and wanted to comment but they have disabled the comments. You might want to let them know. That happened on my interview. A glitch of some sort.

    We have struggled with the question of stimming as well. A very controversial subject.

    I am glad I found your blog.


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