Be Back Soon

Hello, internets! I’ve been a naughty blogger…few posts, no visiting other blogs…what gives? Well, next week is my last week of summer school; so I’ll soon have plenty of time after that to share lots of gfcf goodness and family fun. I promise!!

I had a bad run of it with wheat and dairy recently; this was partly due to laziness, and partly due to the fact that I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been very well organized in the kitchen and have dined on-the-go more than I care to even think about. Yuck. Folks, it hasn’t been pretty. But I’m determined to get back on the bandwagon. Fear not: Zoe has adhered steadfastly to eating gfcf. I guess I took what precious little time I had to hook Zoe up, but I neglected to do the same for myself. Chalk that one up to a lesson learned.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that I do well on my finals!


3 thoughts on “Be Back Soon

  1. Lynn Barry

    Forgive yourself and get back on…I know you can do it…stressful lifestyle with school and family…I remember…WOW…do I remember…HUGS

  2. hellokittiemama

    Good luck with school and hope to see you back soon!! I added your blog to my blog roll πŸ™‚

  3. hellokittiemama

    I just “tagged” you on my blog with the Brilliante Weblog award πŸ™‚
    come to my site to retrieve it and pass it on!


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