Countdown to Spring

41ac5wxzk7l1I know it seems like I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here by calling this post “Countdown to Spring,” but I’ve got a good reason for it. The spring semester starts in a week, and I am trying to get myself psyched up for it. The fall semester was tough, but the spring promises to be even more difficult, with more reading and assignments aplenty.

So how’d I do this fall? I’m pleased to report that I earned straight A’s–four of them to be exact. This coming from a woman who hasn’t been a full-time student since the first George Bush was in office. I was truly excited and happy to see that I pulled off a really great semester. This semester is going to be an even bigger challenge. I’m taking four literature courses: Early Shakespeare, American Lit. from 1912-1945, The 19th Century British Novel, and 20th Century Russian Literature in Translation. Oh, and I’m taking Ballroom Dance as a P.E. elective (for fun, exercise, and a major dose of stress-busting). You can see why I’m trying to get myself in the proper frame of mind to tackle my upcoming work. On the advice of one of my professors, I started doing some of my reading now. I picked up Wuthering Heights, which I’m hoping to complete by the weekend–that should be no problem if I keep a somewhat relaxed schedule of 50 pages a day. Ater next Monday,  I’ll be buried in books for the next 15 weeks.


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