Is This Normal?

There may be something wrong with me: I have developed an unnatural attachment to a gift  my very special Santa gave to me. Behold, the shoes:sofft-corine1

You can’t hear me, but I’m squealing with delight over here. Cue the girly giggle noises! I know that they don’t look like the most practical shoes in the world, but they’re remarkably comfortable; and as a bonus, they make my giant canoe feet look dainty and feminine. Sweet! I also received this, which makes my hair smell good enough to eat. I’d say that I was a pretty girl girl this year, because Santa really hooked me up.


3 thoughts on “Is This Normal?

  1. Lynn Barry

    You probably dance the flamenco or however you write it in them…AWESOME! Hubby bought me bike riding pants and they have a GEL crotch!!!! I am lovin’ them too. HUGS

    1. flamencomom Post author

      No, but I have some equally badass flamenco shoes, LOL! No, these beauties are just for steppin’ out with my hubby or hanging out with my girlfriends. HUGS

  2. Monica

    OK now you are one of my favorite people on the web…not just because of your great recipes and blog, but also because you love those shoes. I’m there with you, those are incredible!


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