Holy Chocolate Chips, Batman!



Every now and then I’ll find a recipe online that is just outstanding. I gather up ingredients and give it a go; and all the components work together harmoniously to create magic. I decided to try a chocolate chip cookie recipe posted by Ginger Lemon Girl. I am not exaggerating when I say that these are some of the best cookies–GFCF or not–that I have ever eaten. In my life. And believe me, this mama has eaten more than her fair share of cookies.

The batch I made with the kids did not last but 2 days in my house. Before the kids return to school on Tuesday I’m going to make some more. Hopefully they’ll last long enough to make an appearance in their lunchboxes.


2 thoughts on “Holy Chocolate Chips, Batman!

  1. carrie

    Oh wow!! I am completely flattered!! THANK YOU so much!! 😉 I love that pic of your son holding the cookie!! thanks again for linking to my site! I appreciate it! have a great week!


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