All That, and a Bag of Chips

Hi, my name is Flamenco Mom, and I am a snacker.

I reserve room for 2 snacks each day; I usually have one sweet snack and one savory one. And one of my favorite things to snack on is plantain chips. Fried plantains (both the sweet and savory kind) are a staple in Puerto Rican households, and they are seen in the regional cuisine of many Caribbean countries.

While at the Latin0 supermarket, I picked up a few bags of Chifles Plantain Chips, as well as Chifles Cassava Chips.  Chifles Chips (pronounced ‘CHIEF-less’) makes a delicious, crispy chip that is not only good, but also gluten-free. Not only that, but they are certified kosher and low in sodium. The cassava chips are like a potato chip, but with an even crispier texture—oh, do I love that crunchy goodness. And the plantain chips are awesome; the company makes a garlic variety that trumps any sour-cream-and-onion or salt-and-vinegar chip I’ve ever eaten (those used to be my favorites before we went on this GFCF journey).

I checked the company’s website, and I found that Chifles Chips are available at many retailers in the South. A Tampa Bay company, they are expanding throughout the U.S.; so keep an eye out for them, they may be coming to a store near you.


2 thoughts on “All That, and a Bag of Chips

  1. Stefanie Mackenzie

    Hi Flamenco Mom…I work for Chifles. Thanks so much for your kind words about our chips. Its nice to know when people enjoy the products. I like the cassava chips best too. Have you tried the new sweet or maduro chip? It is like all our other chips, all natural, 0% transfat, low in sodium, OU Kosher and gluten free.
    We are trying to get in new markets, so yeah, keep looking for us or ask your grocery store managers for the chips.

    Happy snacking!



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