Too Cold to Write

Oh, pardon me, could you direct me to whoever is in charge of the weather around these parts? I thought that one of the perks of living near the land that Mickey built was that the temperatures were in the moderate range this time of year. We like to save our extreme temps for when it gets oppressively hot around, say, June. Now the extremes are in the opposite direction–it’s bone-chillingly cold around here. Mr. Gore, I thought you said the ice caps were melting and that the planet was getting hotter–um, what?

I miss wearing my sandals. Now excuse me while I go crank up the heater.


2 thoughts on “Too Cold to Write

  1. Lynn Barry

    I hear ya. My brother said it was 14 degrees the other day in S.C. YIKES! No fun in the sun.
    I think Global Chilling is what is really happening. Take that Pulitzer Prize away from the man…lol HUGS


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