Monthly Archives: May 2009

Say That Again?

Gluten-free is all over the place lately. Just the other day, I walked into my supermarket, and found that the store now has an entire section of gluten-free products. I was so excited, I was near tears (mind you, not all the products were casein-free, but I call it progress nonetheless). My head nearly exploded when I read that Chex Products is expanding their selection of GF products..Corn Chex, anyone?


To top it all off, I read that Betty Crocker (yes, that Betty Crocker) is slated to begin releasing GF baking mixes. Now, I haven’t gotten confirmation that the products are CF as well (I’ll shoot the company an email today to double-check); so I’ll put off celebrating just yet. However, if I find out the products are GF/CF I may have to give them a try. Any internets out there know if the mixes are GF/CF? Holla at me and let me know.