A Gluten-Free/Casein-Free Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, Flamenco Dad and I will be packing up the kids and spending the holiday with my side of the family: my mom, stepdad, grandma, and brother. The kids are looking forward to some serious turkey eating and many rides on my stepdad’s ATV. Before I start getting angry letters from folks about the safety concerns, let me assure one and all that no one rides at an excessive rate of speed, the kids always ride with a responsible adult, and Florida has some of the flattest terrain I have ever seen! You’ve heard of making a mountain out of a molehill; here we make mountains out of anthills.

So since my mother has graciously offered to host the dinner, that means the bulk of the cooking is out of my hands. That can be good and bad: good, because my mom is a good cook (so you know the food will taste good) and also because that means less prep work for me; bad, because I don’t always know what is going to be on her table until I get there. Mom doesn’t put butter on anything, so Zoe’s safe there. And Mom doesn’t stuff the bird…also safe. Not only that, but there is usually some variety of rice and/or salad that is GFCF. Awesome. But other than that, the ingredients of the other foods at the table present challenges for Zoe, so one must always arrived prepared.

And that’s where I’m hoping you come in.

I am in need of some inspiration! I figure it would be a good idea to bring a side dish and a dessert item that I know are Zoe-friendly. So tell me: what GFCF goodies are you putting on your Thanksgiving table? Please leave your comments here, or send me a note at flamencomom [at] gmail [dot] com.

P.S. Your suggestions will come in especially handy in the coming weeks. Here at Casa Flamenco, we are not only hosting Christmas Eve, but we may be having a graduation party here at my house this month as well! Yes, that is my not-so-subtle way of saying the end of school is in sight; but also I haven’t decided on whether to just go out to lunch with my family after the graduation ceremony, or if a larger celebration is in order.


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