In Which I Begin to Play Catch-Up

In looking at the photographs we took in 2009, it came to my attention that I have many, MANY things that I wanted to blog about…but didn’t. Circumstances being what they were, i.e. I was busy studying my butt off for the past year, it became increasingly difficult to set aside the time to write and post about some of the things we had been doing here at Casa Flamenco. To remedy the situation, I have made an executive decision: rather than post the absolute longest 2009 retrospective ever written–one which no sane human being would want to read–I’m going on a blogathon. I’m going to try and catch up with all the posts I meant to write to go with the good (and sometimes not-so-good) photos we took this year. Unfortunately that means that some of the things I’ll be posting here don’t exactly fit the season in which we currently find ourselves.

Case in point: these frozen chocolate bananas I made with the kids.

A summertime delight, to be sure; but it’s not something that many of you out there would want to eat right now since it’s something like zero degrees outside. I made these sometime in June, I think. They are delicious and GFCF, since I used allergen-free chocolate chips and a bit of coconut oil to make the chocolate dip; also the jimmies (sprinkles) are Zoe-safe.

Just a few bits of advice if you’ve got a hankering for this frozen dessert: first, resist the urge to use very ripe bananas…they will fall apart when you attempt to put the popsicle stick through them. Second, freeze the bananas first before dipping them in the chocolate. This may seem like a no-brainer to some of you, but it took me several (read: failed) attempts to figure out that the chocolate sticks better-and begins the hardening process faster-on an already frozen banana. Finally, do allow these to freeze completely before eating; otherwise, the chocolate will start melting everywhere, which is definitely not good eats.

I realize that this doesn’t exactly scream “Winter Dessert,” but after eating so many Christmas cookies, fruit cake, or whatever you may have been chowing down on this holiday season, a taste of summer may be just the type of thing you’re looking for. Now if I can only find those darn popsicle sticks.


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