It’s a Celebration

Zoe successfully made the transition from elementary school to middle school with virtually no drama at all. She had a day or two during that initial warming-up period where she had a bit of a meltdown (a very noisy gym made for a difficult session of P.E.), but it’s been a smooth transition for everyone involved. Before the switch to the new school took place, however, some much-needed partying was in order.

Yes, that is my daughter, getting her boogie on. She had a fantastic time at the party, which was held for all the fifth graders as their official send-off from elementary school. I made it to the party a bit late, and that was a real shame because I got several eyewitness accounts from teachers, parents, and students informing me that at one point Zoe jumped onto the stage and was dancing while all the kids were shouting “Go Zoe! Go Zoe!” Sadly, there is no photographic evidence to speak of, but this picture says it all…the girl was puttin’ on her “A” moves.

Here is Zoe and her BFF Kaitryn. The girls are in different schools this year, which meant that each of them was flying solo in a new school, but they remain very close. We’ve had several visits with Kaitryn and her family, which is really great. The girls have been thick as thieves since the end of the second grade so it was tough to see them separate; Zoe is glad she still has her BFF even if they aren’t in the same school together.

This milestone was, of course, bittersweet: it’s difficult to accept the fact that my little one has moved on and is growing into a young lady. At the same time, words cannot convey how much I marvel at Zoe’s accomplishments over the past several years. She is a fighter, and her commitment to never giving up on herself  is something I find truly amazing.

“Go Zoe! Go Zoe!”


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