Project Ginger Redux

Project Ginger was such a huge success last year that the family decided we would try again this year. We opted to make a smaller house this time around, using a template for a saltbox house rather than last year’s colonial model. We ended up making two houses this year, one to demolish on Christmas Eve at my house and one that we gifted to my mother on Christmas Day. When I told her of our family tradition of smashing the completed house to bits at our Christmas party, Mom looked at me like I was nuts and replied with an emphatic  “Oh, I just can’t!” Mom took many pictures of what she called “an edible masterpice,” and I’m hoping to get those photos from her soon, because my photos leave a bit to be desired.

I’m not sure if Mom tore her gingerbread house apart or not. Mom held a party for her employees the Saturday immediately after Christmas, and my gingerbread house was the centerpiece on the buffet table. The staff was really thrilled with it, and they were also a bit surprised to find out that it was homemade (Even people who haven’t seen me in years recall that I am not exactly what you’d call a crafty gal). The clients also thought it was quite lovely and festive.

That darn house may still be intact today. I have no idea and, frankly, I’m afraid to ask. Not sure I’d want to know if there’s a two-week-old gingerbread house languishing in my mom’s beauty shop, the scent of peroxide and hairspray replacing the house’s original gingerbread/Necco wafer fragrance.

The candy selection this year was better than last year’s–I guess that’s because I planned far enough in advance this time to get the candy everyone wanted. This year we bedazzled our house with DOTS, Mike ‘N Ike, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, and the Necco wafers for the roof shingles. And we didn’t eat too much of the leftover candy. Okay, maybe we did.

My kids’ favorite part of the this whole exercise was–believe it or not–the little gingerbread boy and girl who stand guard at the front of the house. Ayden insisted on having a little Ayden and Zoe as part of the presentation, and I think it really works, don’t you?


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