Why I Didn’t Major in Political Science, and What’s on Tap

Mr. Rousseau, I’m afraid that if The Social Contract doesn’t pick up for me soon I may have to break up with you. I find my general distaste for this book a bit odd because I’m one of those people who enjoys the study of history and politics. In fact, when I was contemplating majors many moons ago I considered majoring in political science or history. Thankfully I did not waste my time; literature will always be my passion.

I’m not trying to diss Monsieur Rousseau: I mean, The Social Contract is hailed as one of Rousseau’s premier works. But man oh man, is it ever D-R-Y. It reads like some of the stuff I had to read in Literary Criticism class…and some of that was downright painful. These scholar-authors/philosophers go through the rigorous process of presenting their theses and giving support to back up their claims, but they also need to define ALL their terms in a very methodical way and engage in discourse that, at times, I find taxing. And occasionally mind-numbing. Except for you, Mr. Addison. I have a special place for you and The Spectator in my heart, and it isn’t just because I wrote a totally kick-ass paper about you.

Anyway, back to Rousseau: yeah, I’m not really digging this one. I am, however, committed to finishing the book; and finish it I will, even if it kills me.

In the meantime, I get to prep for starting MY NEW JOB on Monday. I’ll have more details on that after I get settled in there. Oh, and there’s the matter of choosing the next book for my reading. I figure I’d set up the poll now rather than wait till I’m done with The Social Contract. At least it will give me something to look forward to–and provide some motivation to finish.

So what’s it going to be, folks?


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