There’s More for Your Life

I’ve emerged from my hiatus to share a rant about Sears. Sears, who sold my mother-in-law a refrigerator on Monday and delivered it to our home yesterday. This same Kenmore refrigerator, purchased at Sears…DOES. NOT. WORK.

I came home from work today to find the ground chuck in my freezer a rather unappetizing shade of gray. A service tech (not a Sears employee) came to my home this afternoon–after many hours of phone calls–and confirmed that the appliance is, in fact, not working. As if the smell of rotting food didn’t give that away. The refrigerator is registering a balmy 68 degrees which, as those of you in the food business may know, makes the food housed therein unsafe for human consumption.

As I write this, my mother-in-law is trying to get them to deliver a new refrigerator to my house. The earliest estimates for delivery are Friday. Friday, people: as in two days from now. They are also unwilling to compensate me for the food that is now rotting and unsafe for my children to eat. What they did offer was a $100 Sears gift card. Are you kidding? Like I want to spend more money there?

I have taken to my Twitter page, my Facebook account, and any other media to share my frustration at both the sub-standard product I received and the cavalier attitude of company representatives with whom my MIL has made contact.

If mama’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy. If mother-in-law ain’t happy, well…you know the rest.

Update: The social media folks from Sears saw my tweets and have since made contact. As of right now, the new fridge is scheduled to be delivered on Friday; they have also agreed to mail us $100 to go towards the cost of the spoiled food. Fingers crossed, you guys.


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