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There’s More for Your Life

I’ve emerged from my hiatus to share a rant about Sears. Sears, who sold my mother-in-law a refrigerator on Monday and delivered it to our home yesterday. This same Kenmore refrigerator, purchased at Sears…DOES. NOT. WORK.

I came home from work today to find the ground chuck in my freezer a rather unappetizing shade of gray. A service tech (not a Sears employee) came to my home this afternoon–after many hours of phone calls–and confirmed that the appliance is, in fact, not working. As if the smell of rotting food didn’t give that away. The refrigerator is registering a¬†balmy 68 degrees which, as those of you in the food business may know, makes the food housed therein unsafe for human consumption.

As I write this, my mother-in-law is trying to get them to deliver a new refrigerator to my house. The earliest estimates for delivery are Friday. Friday, people: as in two days from now. They are also unwilling to compensate me for the food that is now rotting and unsafe for my children to eat. What they did offer was a $100 Sears gift card. Are you kidding? Like I want to spend more money there?

I have taken to my Twitter page, my Facebook account, and any other media to share my frustration at both the sub-standard product I received and the cavalier attitude of company representatives with whom my MIL has made contact.

If mama’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy. If mother-in-law ain’t happy, well…you know the rest.

Update: The social media folks from Sears saw my tweets and have since made contact. As of right now, the new fridge is scheduled to be delivered on Friday; they have also agreed to mail us $100 to go towards the cost of the spoiled food. Fingers crossed, you guys.


Where’s The Platform?

When I finally became eligible to vote, I rushed out to my local Supervisor of Elections and promptly filled out my voter registration form; I was excited to finally be able to take part in the process. I grew up in a home where my parents didn’t vote, and I always thought it was unfortunate that my parents didn’t take it seriously. My grandpa, a Korean War vet, never missed an election; and I’m glad that his enthusiasm for exercising the right to vote has rubbed off on me. Flamenco Dad and I take our politics seriously; and we’ve explained to our kids the importance of voting. Zoe was surprised when I told her that women got the right to vote just 88 years ago.

In the interest of keeping my sanity, I have declared a moratorium on watching all this nonsense going on in the news (television, radio, and internet) with respect to the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates and their respective running mates. I keep looking for information on platforms; I want to know what these people believe in, what these candidates suggest is best for our country…and all I’m getting is “Vote for me, because the other guy is…(insert nasty comment here).” I don’t want to vote against someone. I want to vote for someone, because I feel they can best represent me. So far, I’m not hearing issues, I’m hearing insults. I don’t believe either party is doing an effective job in relaying its vision for our country; and this has left me disappointed, angry and offended.

To make matters worse, the news and entertainment media have now gotten in on the action. Competing news and entertainment markets (I’m grouping them together because the line seems to be blurring between what is news and what is “entertainment”) have gotten to the point where it has become something akin to mud wrestling matches or wet t-shirt contests. It’s almost a race to see who can be the most outrageous and garner the most attention by printing or broadcasting the most sensational stories. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend mud-wrestlers or wet t-shirt contest participants.

But come on: is this what news is supposed to be about? I want my newspeople to just. read. the. news. You remember the news, right? Where stories are researched, confirmed, and fact-checked, and then broadcast to the public without the anchors interjecting their own personal slant?

And when did the entertainment media decide that they should get in on this? Internets, if I’m watching an entertainment program or reading a magazine, I just want to know who wore what, what the hot trends are in fashion, which movies suck and which movies deserve my eight bucks (plus the price of a Cherry Coke).

So I’m going to conduct some research of my own. No more of this baloney I keep watching on television or reading online. I want to know what these candidates believe, and how they plan to lead the country. Wish me luck. I have a feeling this is going to be an uphill battle.

Why Don’t They Tell Us About That?

I’ve heard that a foolproof test of the strength of a relationship is to travel your significant other; if you can survive the trip, then you’re golden. If not, well that’s a subject for another day. Flamenco Dad and I have been getting along extremely well on this trip, so I suppose that puts us in the first category.

What they don’t tell you is what to do when, three-plus days into your vacation, your kids start to drive you out of your skull! When you’re at home and your kids start to rattle you, you can always send them off to play in another part of the house, put in a movie, or send them into the backyard to let off steam. On vacation though, it’s twenty-four-seven in your face time. Mama needs a break!

I ADORE my children. Actually, I’m not sure there’s a word strong enough to convey how I feel for my babies. But I’m really craving some me time–as in me by myself time. Guess it’ll have to wait till we get home.

All complaints aside, we visited the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta today. We saw lots of great dinosaurs, sea creatures, and a pretty neat frog exhibit. We saw the IMAX film entitled “Sea Monsters,” which was an interesting and well-done film. I enjoyed it even though my son was acting like a bit of a monster of the two-legged variety. The museum has many interactive exhibits that are great for inquiring minds and little hands. There was also a fascinating exhibit about different cultures and the various ways cultures use adornment to tell stories about their history. Pretty cool stuff.

Tomorrow we load up the Flamencomobile and head back to the hacienda. Once I’ve unpacked and gotten the mountain of laundry started, I’ll work on getting some photos and video up here.