Kitchen Snafu

I had a minor problem in the kitchen today while trying out a new recipe. Given the fact that I love Thai food–and that I just bought some ingredients specifically for Thai cooking–I thought I’d attempt a soup. One of my favorites is a Thai Chicken and Coconut soup; it’s so fragrant and delicious. If you’ve never tried it, by all means do. Anyway, since I purchased some lemongrass, fingerhot chiles, limes, galangal (a root similar in appearance to ginger) and coconut milk I figured today would be a great day to give it a go. I found a recipe online that seemed to have all the right elements, I crossed my fingers, and got to cooking.

The good news is that my kitchen smells like lemongrass.

The bad news is that my kitchen smells like lemongrass. And only lemongrass. And now all I can smell is…lemongrass.

The soup tasted decent. Except that the combination of the lemongrass and lime was WAY too overpowering for that delicate a soup. So needless to say the recipe needs a bit of tweaking before it’s deemed worthy to share with the internets. When I go back to the market at the Buddhist Temple, I’ll be sure to ask some of the cooks there for some advice.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Snafu

  1. Lynn Barry

    Great blog entry…it cracked me up when you wrote smells like lemon grass so many times…you are a great writer! HUGS


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